is an online trading platform for agriculture in East Africa. NINAYO launched in Tanzania in 2015, and uses crowd-sourced data to provide actionable business intelligence for its users. NINAYO users, typically small holder farmers with an average annual income of $637, are earning $100’s more with this tool.

Founder Jack Langworthy has conducted business in the Tanzanian agriculture sector since 2009. is a tool to solve specific problems he faced in that sector:

An understanding of emerging markets is necessary to explain our value proposition. As Tanzania exemplifies these markets, consider:

By enabling Tanzanian farmers to post their supply of crops they gain access to a far wider range of demand. Food processors, likewise, have a much clearer view of the crops available in their regions. Each side of the value chain is incentivized to use this service.

Over 30% of food rots in Tanzania, while malnutrition and poverty run rampant. If there were ever an industry in need of disruption, it’s this one. By improving supply visibility, demand visibility and logistical coordination, more food will go to those in need at a fairer price.


NINAYO is based in Tanzania, but backed by Silicon Valley’s greatest investors, entrepreneurs and engineers. Our world class team is dedicated to building simple user friendly tech solutions.

Our active user base and high quality product has led to crucial partnerships with the UNCDF, NAFAKA, Technoserve, Heifer International, and Peace Corps. Together, we are leveraging private sector solutions to sustainably improve African agriculture.

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