Rudisha matangazo ya mazao


2015 kilo ya Ndizi

Bei ya jumia: 2,600/=
Sukari Road Between Veta And Sido, Moshi mjini, Kilimanjaro

3 Jun (kama mwezi 1)

Ujumbe kutoka kwa muuzaji:


Maua Mazuri Tissue Culture Products Ltd is a 100% daughter company of Growing Impact BV, a holding company incorporated in the Netherlands.

Maua Mazuri is a start-up company based in Moshi, directly related to Miti Mingi Ltd., an agro-biotechnology company, established 10 years ago by Zebra Capital Investment BV, also based in the Netherlands. Miti Mingi runs an excellence-nursery at Mbosho, Kilimanjaro, growing vegetable seedlings, pawpaw, grafting orange, avocado, mango trees, etc. In November 2019, a commercial state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Laboratory (TC) was opened.

TC is an advanced method for generating new planting material, carried under high-level hygienic circumstances and adhering to strict protocols. TC leads to the virus and disease-free banana seedlings, our priority. It is an effective and efficient technique to shorten the propagation time, as a result of which huge numbers of quality plants can be produced in a relatively short time.

Maua Mazuri is the purpose-above-profit company that will take care of all marketing, sales, training and distribution activities in promoting the TC banana plantlets and seedlings. The company intends to impact on food security and banana value chains, and thus contribute substantially to SDG goals. For more information see our website:

Steven Tumaini
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